We thank all of our loyal donors for the invaluable contributions.  To list a few:

  • Africa Classroom Connect (ACC), based in America, has donated more than 90 classrooms since 2005.
  • de Johanna Boda, based in Holland, has donated more than 100 classrooms
  • Abe Bailey Trust
  • The Beare Foundation

The Eshowe Community Action Group, with the support of our donors, has not only been involved in building classrooms, but also in sourcing other educational needs for children, such as reading material, computers and science equipment.  In building schools, we work hand in hand with the community.  In addition to the community having to raise the initial 10% building fee, they are also responsible for the fencing off and leveling of the site where the school is to be built.  We provide full-time builders to work with local people to build the classrooms, thereby providing training and job opportunities.  Although our prime objective is to build classrooms, we also assist with water and sanitation facilities.

If rural communities are to be seen as viable and meaningful places to live, rural youths must learn to see their communities as a positive choice in which to live and work. This can be accomplished by providing these children with opportunities to become active, responsible people of a community that works together.